Karl Monk - Ohio CCW and NRA Certified Instruction

Shooting Experience
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GSSF Indoor League, Perfect Score
  - 500 Club Member
  - 250 Club Member 

GSSF Indoor:  1st place
 - Target World, Cincinnati, OH 2012
 - Point Blank Cincy West 2014
 - Point Blank Blue Ash 2014
 - Target World, Cincinnati, OH 2014
 - Target World, Cincinnati, OH 
      -Pocket Glock Division 2015, Fall
      -Pocket Glock Division 2016, Spring
      -Pocket Glock Division 2016, Fall
- Target World, Cincinnati, OH
       2017, Spring
- Target World, Cincinnati, OH
       -Pocket, Stock, Unlimited
        2017, Summer <-- swept all events
- Target World, Cincinnati, OH
       2018, Winter
- Target World, Cincinnati, OH
       2018, Summer, won all Classes,
           Class A, Unlimited, Pocket
           and the Senior (darn, I'm getting
- Target World, Cincinnati, OH
       -Pocket, Stock, Unlimited, Senior
        2018, Fall <-- swept all events
- Bluegrass Regional Classic XXI Outdoor
      1st Place Master Stock Team
      October 20, 2018

NRA Handgun Distinguished Expert

State and National Pistol Competitions

NRA International Team Tryouts
- 1980 Olympic Shooting Team Tryouts

NRA International Qualification Rating:
- Standard Pistol Expert

NRA Rating
- Pistol Expert

NRA Collegiate Rating
- Pistol Expert

NRA Instructor Ratings
- Certified Pistol Instructor, Active
- Home Firearms Safety, Active
- Certified Rifle Instructor, Retired
- Certified Shotgun Instructor, Retired

NRA Range Safety Officer

NRA USA International Championships
- Pan American Games Tryouts
- Air Pistol

Indiana University (long time ago)
- Rifle and Pistol Club, President
- Pistol Team

Handgun Experience:
- Pistol:  Semi-Auto and Revolver
- Standard Pistol (Olympic style)
- Free Pistol (Olympic style)
- Air Pistol
- Rim Fire
- Center Fire

Glock Certifications:

Certified 2009
Certified 2012

Glock Advanced Armorer
Certified 2014, 2019

Glock Instructor
Certified 2012

For the highest quality handgun instruction in SW Ohio:  Contact me by clicking here.

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