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Next Steps

For all my clients, I offer advice based on each person’s level of competency. The advice changes based on each person’s needs and goals. I want to help you make the right decision.

Holding a gun for the first time can be pretty stressful. Admitting you want to improve and desiring to relearn technique can be difficult. One thing that’s important to me is treating each person with respect, dignity, and understanding no matter your level of competence, gender, or age.


I offer you advice on what is a good “first gun.”

You are thinking... So many questions, where do I even start?

The answer changes depending on the first-timer’s goals.

Become a good shot?


Wanting to learn to shoot safely so the first-timer could carry the gun?

What are good gun brands?

What are bad ones?

I’ve heard of a Colt and a Glock before…not sure what that really means.  

Differences between types of guns…I’m sure a first-timer is wondering what “semi-auto” actually means...

The type of handgun you see in movies?

Surely you don’t mean a machine gun.

What’s the deal with all these different types of ammunition? .45? 9mm? .22?

Hollow-point? Full-metal jacket?

If you’re a first-timer, this is all gibberish.

I will help you take your first shots safely and instruct you how to avoid accidents when you are at home, alone with your gun, and prepare you to go to a gun range alone. Every habit matters so start by making good habits, not bad ones. I won’t speak over your head or pretend as if certain things are common knowledge. For the first-timers, we start from scratch.


For those who are novices , those of you who’ve gone shooting before, know some of the lingo, maybe own a handgun or two, maybe you have questions about becoming a better shot, gun maintenance, taking your skills to the next level, and learning how to practice on your own so practice actually improves your ability.

I can help with questions, training, and much more. Because experience varies dramatically from person-to-person, I prefer to put together an individualized plan that is customized to your needs. We will correct problems in your fundamentals. As my NRA Training Counselor, John D Farquhar, said, "There is no advanced, it's all fundamentals."

The Next Level

For those interested in shooting in a competition, maybe already shooting in competition, we work on practice habits. We also work on basic fundamentals and integrate training for breathing, arc of motion, and technique to elevate your performance.  

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